How to make your deck


If you want to have a real shot at topping the leaderboard of Cyber Arena, you'll need a decent deck of cards, in the form of AnRKey X NFTs.

Each NFT has a power level:


Level Strength
Lvl 1 9,375
Lvl 2 18,750
Lvl 3 37,500
Lvl 4 75,000
Lvl 5 150,000
Lvl 6



When you join for the first time and buy your battle pass, that will act as a Lvl4 card. Other cards from Lvl 1 to 3 can be obtained by redeeming oracle shards in BattleWave 2323 or by purchasing from online marketplaces.

OpenSea link for Collectibles: 
OpenSea link for Oracle Shard NFTs :

Character NFTs can also be found on Rarible here : 

Character based NFTs will become more powerful in Cyber Arena v2 onwards, as we will be adding metadata characteristics to them to offer a more strategic gameplay.