CYBER ARENA is a PVP Battle Card Game with game-play inspired from Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering - but with some unique twists. Players build their deck of game cards (NFTs) from characters in the AnRKey X universe and battle against other users.

All games across the AnRKey X ecosystem are interconnected with stories and game-play. Whatever team you are part of in Battle Wave 23232—step into the Cyber Arena for one-on-one battling against opponents to achieve victory in the arena, which also strengthens your team in Battle Wave 2323 .

Level up and earn your bragging rights on our daily and weekly leader-board. Win the one-on-one battle, and get rewarded - win the larger daily and weekly leader-board battle, and your rewards grow exponentially. Those at the top of the leader-board win a bonus power boost in Battle Wave 2323!

The game uses your power level NFTs as the cards in your deck - see more about how to stock up on these NFTs here!


To start, pick your league - if you are just starting out, join the Hero League, but if you have a full deck of cards already, play the Mythic League for the highest chance of a larger win.

Hero League: 4 NFTs in your deck, your NFTs can only go to maximum power-level of 75K - fairer for newcomers!
Mythic League: 7 NFTs in your deck, tougher competition - greater rewards!

Once you select a league, you are locked into that league for the week, and it resets at 12pm UTC every Monday.



Users can select up to 7 cards. If the user doesn't have enough cards, the system will fill the missing cards with the lowest level cards. Each card slot has a power level limit that the users needs to comply in order to make game playable by hardcore and new players as well. Based on the cards that both users select, the system picks one for each user randomly. The card with the highest power level wins, and if there's a draw, a new card is selected until someone wins or all 7 cards have been chosen.

All cards have a chance of landing a critical hit. If a critical hit happens, the power level of the card is increased to the next tier. If the user wins 5 games in a row, a one time Power Boost will be granted, allowing the user to increase power levels on their cards for the next game (Check POWER UP section).

Users have a total of 20 energy to spend each day. Each game played consumes 1 energy. This means that users can play a total of 20 games per day.

To be part of the game you need to own a BATTLE PASS NFT. The Battle Pass NFT can be acquired in-game and can be reused each week.


There are two power ups available: Energy Reactor and Power Boost. Both power-ups are actually NFTS that can be purchased in-game and reused every week.


Energy Reactor: Refills 10 energy, allowing the player to play 10 more games. After use, the NFT is locked until the next weekly game starts. Playing more games will allow you to earn more rewards by winning more games and getting up on the leaderboard.

Power Boost: Increases the power level of 3 cards you select for 10 games.