Summary / FAQ



  • You need a Battle Pass NFT to join the game and be able to play.
    Select up to 7 Cards. If you don't have enough, the system will provide low level cards.
  • System picks one random card for each player, highest power level win.
  • Users have a total of 20 energy to spend each day. Each game played consumes 1 energy. This means that users can play a total of 20 games per day.
  • Users can use the Energy Reactor to restore 10 energy and play more games (2 per day max).
  • Users can use Power Boost to gain an extra power level on selected cards (lasts 10 games each).
  • Win 5 games in a row to get a Power Boost for free on the next game.
  • All cards have a chance of landing a critical hit. If a critical hit happens, the power level of the card is increased to the next tier.
  • The game lasts a week, each victory comes with a reward and also the top players of the day and of the week will get awesome juicy rewards.




  • How many boosts and energy refills can be used max Daily?
    • 2 of each.
  • When will rewards be distributed from Cyber Arena?
    • After new Battle Wave 2323 game starts on Mondays, after 12pm UTC.
  • Why is the boost not allowing me to play?
    • You have to select 3 cards before the "Start Battle" button will be available.
  • Do I need a full set of 7 different powered NFTs?
    • No, if you don't have a particular lvl NFT a lvl 1 will be provided. It will however benefit you to have 1 of each power lvl (as you will have WAY better odds of winning!).
  • How can I pay for Battle Pass, Boosts, and energy refills?
    • You use the arcade coin $ANRX for in game purchases.