How to Stake NFTs

Staking NFTs is a highly-valuable way to rack up additional APY for you and your team in Battle Wave 2323.

From within My Dashboard, click Stake NFTs and a popup will appear for staking. Here, you can view which NFTs you have and opt to Stake them, or Cancel.

Importantly, the details of staking will differ for each NFT type:

Sacred Relic NFTs:

When you opt to stake a Sacred Relic (therefore activating its APY boost), it will be burned afterwards. In other words, Sacred Relics can only be used once, and their boost can only apply to one week’s Battle.

Sacred Relics and Super Sacred Relics can only be staked the week that they are purchased in-game.

If you choose to hold on to your Sacred Relics, then you cannot stake them.These NFTs are only intended to be used for one particular week’s Battle, and will be blacklisted when it ends so they cannot be staked ever again. You still may want to save them though, since we intend to make them come back to life later on down the line...

Golden Chalice NFTs:

​Golden Chalice NFTs are granted to 9 lucky random team members from the winning game, and for those lucky enough to get one, you will find it ready for use in your Stake NFTs section. Unlike Sacred Relics, you will get back your Golden Chalice NFTs at the end of the game, but similarly to Sacred Relics, they will be blacklisted for use in future games – make sure to use it in the game right after you win it, or you'll lose that APY boost forever.

All other NFTs:

This includes any AnRKey X Collectible NFT with a power and rarity level, and will soon include any PRISM-enabled NFT. These NFTs will be able to be staked for a 1-hour period where they will incur an APY boost equal to their power level (e.g. a 300,000 power level will provide a 300,000% APY boost for one hour only – up to 120 playable per week). Players will only be able to stake one of these NFTs at a time, though you can stake them while you have Sacred Relics staked. Furthermore, there will be a cap on the number of NFTs of this type that you can stake per each week’s Battle, as determined by our Market Regulators. This helps keep the playing field level, preventing any takeover by whales and any excessive emissions during that week’s game.

Rewards on NFT staking will be in the form of $ANRX. However, only the winning team for each Battle will get to keep these rewards. Therefore, strategy is key in how you use your NFTs and perform other in-game functions, so make sure to read up on our info regarding gameplay strategy.