Staking NFTs

Staking NFTs is the key to amplifying your APY earnings in Battle Wave 2323, where the winning team will have coordinated the most effectively at staking both in-game and collectable NFTs to maximize their rewards. There are a few types of NFTs in our game which you should learn about to get the best chance of winning:

Golden Chalices, the ultra-rare prize winning NFTs distributed to 9 people randomly from the winning team, can be staked, saved, or sold – as well as boosted with Armaments. If you boost them, you’ll give them a 50% APY boost, in addition to the 100% APY boost they already provide. If you stake them, their boost (and that of any Armaments you add) applies for the week. If you sell them, you can get $ANRX. If you save them without staking, they become inactivated after the next week's game – but they may come back to life further down the line, even for a new or improved use. So your strategy here is really up to you – do you want to maximize you and your team's rewards this week to help your team win? Or do you want to generate value for yourself by selling it off? Or are you the gambling type that wants to take your chances and potentially have major benefits from them later down the line?

Sacred Relics are purchased as packs that contain up to 5 (Sacred Relic pack) or up to 10 (Super Sacred Relic pack) NFTs that each provide a 35% APY boost. Choosing which pack to purchase (you can only choose one per week) will dictate the maximum you can earn in additional APY, but the NFT quantity you will get from each pack is randomized per our market regulator functions which help protect against whales taking over.

Collectible NFTs can also be used during any Battle, though the APY available through staking them is limited each game by our market regulators, and the NFTs can only be used once each, one at a time, for a one hour period. This highlights one of the most important game factors – coordinating with your team to make sure you gobble up all of the available APY through staking collectables.

Overall, team strategy is truly key in Battle Wave 2323, and NFTs are a huge component of that strategy. To learn more about NFT staking and rewards strategy, visit the links below: