How does AnRKey X preserve token value?

To ensure the sustainability of our ecosystem and the continued increase in worth for our users, we have instituted various metrics to uphold the token value of our $ANRX arcade coin. Specifically, we implement a balance of inflationary and deflationary forces impacting this token, so that inflationary forces remain consistently around twice the value and impact of deflationary forces.

Inflationary forces can be defined as those that result in or facilitate the purchase or $ARNX. These forces consider the following 6 components:

  1. Packages purchasing for Sacred Relic NFTs

  2. Base rate of all NFTs

  3. Depreciation rate of the NFT yield

  4. Randomized distribution of Golden Chalice NFTs

  5. Volume of Golden Chalice NTFs

  6. Limits on the number of NFTs distributed and held

Considering these components, the inflationary forces on $ANRX are derived from (1) the depth and (2) the value of the AnRKey X NFTs in terms of $ANRX. Depth is based on a relationship between price and volume of the token, determined for LP creation for the token on Uniswap. Depth facilitates the seamless swap of other tokens for $ANRX, providing upward pressure on the arcade coin. The value of NFTs in terms of $ANRX is of course calculated from the aggregate value of all NFTs and the value they would convert to in $ANRX (using present exchange/purchase rates between $ANRX and Sacred Relics and Golden Chalices).

Deflationary forces are parts of the token mechanics that result in the free distribution or sale of $ANRX. These forces are derived from a more complex calculation of the depreciation of $ANRX occurring over time, as a result of $ANRX rewards being distributed, or $ANRX being sold. We take into account a number of variables in order to get an accurate picture of the deflationary forces our token must overcome. Therefore, our deflationary force calculation considers the total number of user addresses, the total number of Sacred Relic and Golden Chalice NFTs, the upper limits on the distribution and availability of these NFTs, the present and future value of these NFTs in terms of $ANRX, the depreciation rate and time period, and $ANRX distribution, among other components.

These calculations are quite complex, but they are truly worth the effort; through the infrastructure of our tokens and token ecosystem, these inflationary forces are set to be double that of the deflationary forces on $ANRX. This ensures the continued value flow into the $ANRX token, meaning that both the token itself as well as participation in our m$ports games will become increasingly valuable to users.