Architecture Stack - Components of the gDEX

The AnRKey X gDEX Protocol enables “play to earn” gaming and the 3rd party development of gamified DeFi Dapps and scalable NFTs utilizing an engineered token economy and algorithmic architecture stack.

The protocol is a scalable hybrid built on L1/L2 (Ethereum) for maximum transaction speed, minimum gas fees with fluid NFT (non-fungible token) and FT (fungible token) cross-chain swapability. The gDEX is our core platform and tech stack foundation of 8 algorithmic layers utilizing smart contracts that all our products and solutions are built on.

The gDEX protocol is modular, allowing for functionality like a “building block”’, wherein developers can create DeFi gaming Dapps that can be easily integrated into the ecosystem as a whole, united by the use of the $ANRX token.

To learn more about the gDEX protocol, read our lightpaper