In-Game Rewards

Battle Wave 2323 provides opportunities for users to earn a multitude of rewards, powering gameplay and providing players with real value.

Our in-game rewards include APY boosts as well as a multitude of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that you can earn within our game. The winning team is that with the highest annual percentage yield (APY) on its liquidity provisioning (LP) tokens – therefore these rewards are critical to helping you win the game and reap the benefits.

Here’s a list of all of the in-game rewards that you can earn on Battle Wave 2323:

  • Golden Chalices: ultra-rare NFTs providing a 100% APY boost for one Battle. Get them as a random distribution throughout the winning army, or buy them from other players on our Aftermarket decentralized exchange (DEX).

  • Armaments: These APY boosts can be applied to Golden Chalices for an additional 50% boost. Buy these on the Aftermarket as well.

  • Arms Boost: These items offer 20% yield boosts on APY, and they are active for one Battle.

  • Sacred Relics & Super Sacred Relics: Purchasable in two different pack sizes containing a randomized number of tokens, these NFTs provide a 35% yield boost apiece.

  • Combined Super Weapons: Artillery pieces are rewarded to players for various in-game actions. You can combine these pieces to build a Combined Super Weapon with your team – with a whopping 30% APY boost applied to the entire team.

  • Staked NFT Collectables: Get an APY boost for staking your NFT collectables, such as Collectable NFTs. These NFTs will be able to be staked for a 1 hour period where they will incur an APY boost equal to their power level (e.g. a 300,000 power level will provide a 300,000% APY boost for one hour only).

Learn how to play with our NFT game cards to earn massive in-game rewards

With all of these potential rewards, Battle Wave 2323 gives players unending opportunities to generate value and increase their odds of winning. For more details about earning and using all of these boosts, check out our How to Earn Rewards page: