Choosing the Best Team

In Battle Wave 2323, your team is the army you’re going into battle with – so you better choose wisely.

Each Army is a separate token liquidity pool. The objective is to generate the highest annual percentage yield (APY) from a particular LP token. Thus, each army will involve the pooling and staking of a particular LP token. When you play, you’ll receive an annual percentage yield (APY) of $ANRX dependent upon a particular pool’s APY.

We use the top LP pools in Uniswap to ensure the best results for our players – more popular LP tokens tend to generate higher yields. As you’d expect, pools are subject to change as market dynamics change. You can find our current list of teams and their corresponding Uniswap LP pools HERE.

Of course, to join a team, you will need the LP token from Uniswap that corresponds with your team’s pool. So, for example, if you want to join the ANRKISTS, you’ll need to stake $ANRX and ETH in the $ANRX/ETH pool on Uniswap and generate an LP token. But, you should take into account more than just what tokens you have the most of when choosing your team – by joining a pool, you also gain exposure to its underlying assets. So again, if you’re an ANRKIST, you’ll be able to get exposure to our $ANRX arcade coin as well as ETH.

As you've learned thus far, winning is determined by the team with the highest aggregate APY, so you want to choose the pool you think will generate the highest yield. We recommend watching out for the latest trends on the price and volume of our gamified Uniswap LP token pairs and their underlying tokens, as well as paying attention to any big news about their native protocols.