DeFi Gaming Coalition

AnRKey X founded the DeFi Gaming Coalition, which consists of innovative NFT and DeFi gaming projects. Within three weeks of its launch, the DCG garnered 12 leading industry partner members, and will continue to grow. Our current members include AnRKey X, Polygon (Matic Network), CertiK, Duck DAO Bondly Finance, Ferrum Network, ExeedMe, DigiCol, Royale Finance, Doki Doki and SpiderDAO, and more.

The goal of the DGC is to construct an ecosystem where DeFi services can reach the broader populace, facilitated by the world of gaming.

We’re aiming to combine the uniqueness of DeFi (decentralized finance), utilizing innovative technology and products such as NFTs, with the gaming industry that’s seen unprecedented growth and expansion over the past few years. We want to lift the DeFi industry to levels of mass adoption and scalability by gamifying DeFi processes.

The DGC believes that these value-generating mechanisms will appeal to and be accessible for a larger audience. This will benefit both individuals and the broader blockchain industry by helping DeFi achieve widespread adoption.

The DGC works to actualize this vision through the promotion of DeFi research, development, and innovation. The intention is to grow the DeFi game industry, collaborating with innovators across the globe to generate a worldwide community with a shared objective.

AnRKey X and its suite of m$ports games (including Battle Wave 2323) work to promote the DGC’s objectives by gamifying the liquidity mining process. Liquidity mining has been incredibly revolutionary to DeFi, adding liquidity to digital assets and therefore strengthening the overall industry, individual protocols, and the utility of individual assets to users. By turning this process into a game, AnRKey X not only makes it more appealing and user friendly, thus attracting more users, but also incentivizes the process, adding additional liquidity into the DeFi field.

More information about this organization can be found at the DeFi Gaming Coalition website and on our Medium page dedicated to DGC updates.